Runaway Lyrics

Artist : STROKE 9
Album : All In

There's a reason to live and there's a reason to die
There's a reason to stay and there's a reason to fly
You don' know what you want but you can't say goodbye
There's a reason to give and there's a reason to try now
It's all gone and you're feeling alone
You can't look back but you can't go home
you just can't take this another day
But there's no one to blame cuz you're runnin away
Way, way, way, way you run away
You're so damn scared of settling down
You try to make it right but keep messin around
You're getting the bills but forgetting to pay
And you're trying your best to stop running away
All in do time for you my friend
Everything comes 'round in the end
Pretty soon there'll be nowhere to run
No more friends and no more fun
The future looks bleak and the sky is grey
But you're sick and tired of runnin away


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