Feel The Summer Lyrics

Artist : STROKE 9
Album : Last Of The International Playboys

Feel the summer approaching on the wind like a forest fire
And although I want it here the Spring looks like a lonely liar
All the new life that sprung from the cold Winter last year
Everything that's over with replaced by all these different fears
But I will embrace them with wide eyes
Now I must tell you goodbye
And live with everything that I
Have done 'til now and hope for the best, goodbye.
Everything I thought I was it's time to put it all aside
I told myself that I was going to try to change I guess I lied
Now I'm in a different place where I can finally think
Do I need to explain myself or do I need another drink
Now I will embrace this place in time
Although it hurts it's times like these that make life worth living
So please help me understand that nothing ever goes as planned
So I can turn it around again
I smell the Winter approaching in the air like an avalanche
I don't really want it here but this could be my only chance
A chance to take a new approach
To try a different way
Before everything else is gone there's not much more for me to say so...


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