Golden Boy Lyrics

Album : All In Good Time

Hey golden boy,
Don't let the darkness in to take you away from yourself,
Nobody else, there's nobody left to make you run,
Somebody knew, maybe it's you, only left to be needing,
One of these days you're gonna wake up wondering how it went down,
Then in that daze you're gonna make up something and wallow around in your room,
Maybe it's soon, maybe it won't be for some time,
I hope you'll be, thinking of me, and I hope you won't be lonely,

Hang your head, don't let your hair fall out,
Hang your hat, at somebody else's house,

Game set and match, I have to give that to you, you are the man,
But wait, there's a catch, everyone sees right through you but that was the plan all along,
Cause tell me I'm wrong, tell me you wanted something else,
Went to the cone, made you a splone (?) now I hope you won't be lonely any more,


No no no, you're not a quitter,
So don't don't don't you be bitter,
Go go go where you glitter away.........

[Chorus: x2]
Somebody else's house, somebody else's house.


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