Who I Am Lyrics

Artist : STROKE 9
Album : Last Of The International Playboys

I freak out when I think about
This catastrophe that I call myself
I think I'm takin' everything too seriously
No, seriously I think I'm alright
I don't want to fight
Never considered myself uptight
I know I'm getting there
When people stop and stare

You know the other day when we were on the phone
You said a bunch of things I never should have known
Given the chance or whatever circumstance
A little romance might have saved me

You know the other time when we were out at night
You let go and I held on tight
It wasn't even that I wanted to play
I was just trying to think of a good way to say that

You win this is where I've been
This is how it is, this is who I am
This is where we are, this is how it goes
And there's so much more to me no-one knows
This is who I am, this is how I know
If there's something wrong that's just how it goes
And tonight this is wrong this is right, this is dark this is light
There's a look in your eye that just can't be denied

Just sit down and enjoy the sound
I'm gonna take you all the way around
I grew up with the doors all shut
And the music in my head was the escape I found

When I try something new I wanna win it
There's something else that I'll tell you in a minute
Nothing comes easy as I'm sure you know
But I'm just trying to look for the right way to go


Everything in my life has a meaning
Why must everything be so misleading
Come on and tell me now



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