Right Thurr G Mix Lyrics

Artist : LIL' FLIP
Album : Presents Clover G's

We flip the hits
We flip the chicks
We flip the bricks yo

I like it when you do that right thurr (right thurr)
Come here, let me whisper in ya ear (in ya ear)
You know, I'ma tell you what you wanna hear (wanna hear)
You wanna get it on let's do it right here, OKAY!

[Verse 1]
I like that chick right thurr (right thurr)
But it ain't no fun hoe if ya don't share
Go to the mall and get me a white fur
I'm pushin' a Vi-per
and believe me I might swerve
You got nice curves I'm a pimp you ain't heard?
It's three of us and one of you you ain't scared?
We at the Adam's mart downtown over thurr (over thurr)
Tell ya girlfriend stop wearin' horsehair
I'm in a home team throwback Andre wear
It ain't no rules why should I play fair
We V-I-P at the club all year
Just meet me at the back and pull up a chair

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
I don't know how to make love music
I make thug music, I make club mu-sic
Now all these niggas tryna battle rap
But that shit don't add up to a platinum plaque
I'm like Shaq move bitch get out the way I'm finna dump
I move a hundred and fifty out the trunk
I hit the jackpot before I got my deal
I keep my ear to the streets like Holyfield
I got the keys to the crib and it's three in the mornin'
I paid for five bottles but three of 'em gone
I'm real fucked up plus my eyes gettin' blurred
If you wanna do a track and split the grand to a pair


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