It's A Fact (Remix) Lyrics

Artist : LIL' FLIP
Album : Lil' Flip & Sucka Free present 7-1-3 & Undaground Legend

Ha, I see they watching watching
You know, it's a fact niggas don't like to see you wit nothing
It's like crabs in a bucket, everybody wanna pull you down man
It's fucked up, but that's how the world is, you should be
Happy for the next man when he make it, but it's a fact
Nine out of ten, black people are jealous (jealous)

[Lil' Flip]
Take a look in my eyes, tell me what you see
You see a nigga, who dropped a c.d. (yeah)
Yeah, I got a deal now (deal now)
I still gotta keep it real now (real now)
Niggas like damn Flip, how it feel now (feel now)
To have platinum records, just like your grill now
It feel good cause I work, it feel good my nigga
That's why I got, my fucking logo on my shirt
I'm proud (I'm proud), I did what I did (I did that)
But law, they sign a type kid
I made it, these niggas can't fade it
They hate it, magazines wanna rate it
But MTV, play my shit everyday (everyday)
BET, play my shit everyday (everyday)
BET, play your shit every May (ha ha)
So who's the fucking nigga getting paid, me
Underground, I rule that (I rule that)
Rookies, nigga I school that
These hoes see Flip, they start to drool
Cause I'm a god damn fool
And if you don't know, now you know
Cause I'm a motherfucking pimp, you the hoe
I'm the leader you the follower, nigga you ain't shit
If that shit don't go gold or platinum, it ain't a hit
Thirty thousand, what the fuck are you saying, are you playing
Nigga I'm Lil' Flip, I'm a god damn man
I stand up for my rights, my weed is what I light
Every time I spit a freestyle, you know that bitch tight
I ain't have to write, cause I was born like this
Nigga, in the click I was sworn like this
Now I'm the leader, nigga I'm the general
I drink O's so I could water, from my minerals
Wake up roll a blunt, get on the phone
Nigga, I'm doing real estate buy you a home
Buy you some land, don't worry bout a motherfucking
Chain and the ice, on the van
20's on the truck, you can't stand that car
All you could do, is play in that car
If you get jacked, you might lay in that car
Nigga the police see him, nigga they in that car
But uh be smart nigga, be street smart
Don't go to jail and come out, a sweetheart
A faggot, if you straight stay straight
If you got love nigga, watch out for the hate
I did a million out the gate, what about you
Nigga, I represent for my nigga Screw
Rest in peace my nigga, cause he showed me love
We had drank, and he po'd me mud
We use to go to the club, he use to DJ
I would freestyle fast, like I'm at a relay
I'm on my beat tape, cause he made me
Yeah, I did a show and he paid me one
One G, it was cool, shit I was just
A young nigga, still going to school
Yeah I had them Jordans, everytime they came out
I was a balla, so I didn't really hang out
I use to skip class, to get some ass
Sometimes me and hoes, we went to Six Flags
Come to the gallery, and leave with big bags
Fuck philly blunts, I use to smoke zig-zags
Now I smoke golden raps
I went platinum, but I spit thoed in raps
You feel me, these niggas don't know who the king
Who the pro, turn off the lights and I glow
Get a hoe, take her straight to the Mo'
Cause if she ain't a dime, she can't come through my do'
You feel me, that's the truth my nigga
Check the billboard, that's the proof my nigga
It's going bling bling, that's the tooth my nigga
You play with me, and I'ma shoot my nigga
I'm in a Coupe, speeding, racing
Laws get behind me, I'm purple hazing
Blowing while it's snowing, you know I'm flowing
I'm sipping drank, I got my codeine open
Po' it up, the weed grow it up
You don't pay me my money, I ain't showing up
Come and thought I was a punk naw, I ain't a punk
I got a pump, that'll put you in the trunk
I fuck with Hump, I fuck with my nigga Redd
I use to fuck hoes, because they real silly
But now, I gotta stay back (stay back)
This is the payback, 23 inches on the made back
Cadillac, as a matter of fact (what)
I had to adapt to my neighborhood, ghetto habitat
And I'm not having that, you ain't gon fuck me
You talking shit, but you ain't gon touch me
You hating on me, but I made you
I'm just like some brand new jeans, you can't fade it
I'm the greatest, but I'm fucking with the mic
Got a bitch, got a fo' and a Sprite
And I might get higher, this bud got that fire
I need eight million, when a nigga retire

(fire, fire) he's on fire (he's on fire)
(he's on fire) I'm on fire nigga
(I blaze the bitch) like Beanie Sigel say nigga
It's the truth (Sucka Free) you know (biatch)
This the motherfucking freestyles man
You know the hell I'm saying
This what I'm telling y'all niggas

If you ain't Sucka Free, don't fuck with me
Cause I know you got your eyes, on my luxury [x2]

And it's a fact (it's a fact)
All you hating ass nigga didn't want me to make it
I thought I told you, we don't fake it (biiatch)
We don't fake it, we don't fake it nigga


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