7-1-3 (Remix) Lyrics

Artist : LIL' FLIP
Album : Lil' Flip & Sucka Free present 7-1-3 & Undaground Legend

Junior talk that ole hustling talk
I was gon tell his daddy, but I found
Out his daddy was a damn hustla

Lil' Flip, representing 7-1-3 nigga yeah...

[Lil' Flip]
You know I'm back on the scene, with a pocket full of green
It's Lil' Flip, I'm the Freestyle King
So extra extra, read all about it
Guess who went platinum when, everybody doubt it
Me, and ain't shit for free
I'm on your track, cause I'm a hard emcee
Don't hate on me, cause you a scrub
Summertime, I'm riding Dubz
Feeling good, representing where I stay
I got a H, and I got a AK
So don't play, cause I got gats
Summertime I'm on Dubz, nigga how you love that
I got the plack for the King, I got the
Platinum plack nigga, size me up for the ring
Cause I'm a champion, you a loser
You fuck around with me, and I'll bruise you
Real break your neck, nigga now you eating
Out a straw, playing with a man you a boy
My paper grown, how you fold that
How the fuck you hating, and you ain't gold yet
How you hating, when you ain't even went platinum
Nigga what the fuck is going on, why you capping
You acting like you a star, but ain't nobody buying your shit
You dummy, you the dumbest in the click
Cause, you wanna act like you hard and shit
But real niggas like me know, that you fraud and shit
Cause you a faker, you ain't no motherfucking gangsta
Like 50 Cent say, you just a wanksta
How you claim to be a hustla, when you flat broke
My nigga I'm stepping out, in a mink coat
I got blue, black, red (red)
I got a lot of girls, some of em give me head
Some of em give me bread, when my money get low
I use to fuck, one three days in a row
But she wouldn't let me drive her car
So I found me a bitch, with a Jaguar
Now I got, two herbs in mind
So don't try and jack, cause I'll burst a nine
That's one shot, two shot, three shot, fo'
And if you don't die, I'ma shoot five mo'
Yeah nigga, I'm on my grind
I'm just like Nas, I'm a mastermind
You got a plan, before you try to do something
Get a rubber, before you try to screw something

Yeah ha-ha, it's your boy Lil' Flip man
I represent the 7-1-3, nigga
Shouts out to all my niggas in H-Town
Big H.A.W.K., Chris Ward, (Pokey), Z-Ro
3-2, (Big Moe), all my niggas in H-Town
(Lil Troy), Wise Guys, (T-2), can't forget
Who else I'm leaving out in this motherfucker
Shouts out to the motherfucking Walston, you know
All the Houston niggas getting they money
C-Note, Willean, that's how we doing it
Who else we forget, can't forget
J-Mack and Mad Hatter, 97.9-97.1 House Party
All that shit, we repping this motherfucking 7-1-3
Nigga, holla back, ha-ha, iight
Oh can't forget my nigga Swamp, my bad dog
We can't forget Ron Wilson
He got the Lamborghini, you see it


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