Upon This Rock Lyrics

Album : Not Ashamed

Chasing after the rainbow's end
left me clutching a fistful of wind.

That last adventure must have been just
a waste of my time.

Ten pleasures for every wish.
Twenty scratches for every itch.
One hundred ways to catch a fish.
Just a waste of my time.
Dead beats, dead end streets,
every step I falter.
Fill my cup, fill me up,
take me to the altar.

Upon this rock I've a reason.
Upon this rock I am strong.
Upon this rock I've a reason.
I'm standing here where I belong.

Wish I hadn't built as big a house.
Makes it hard to catch a little mouse.
(I'd chase it but I'm feeling drowsy, all
from wasting my time.)

I need a glimpse of my calling now, get
my feet back behind the plow.
This idle age will not allow just a waste
of my time.
This day burns away every indecision.
Angst-free anchor me.

Make my life a mission.



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