Perfect World Lyrics

Album : Let The Truth Be Told

It's not what you have
That makes me love you
Clothes that you're wearing
Don't mean nothin'
Money in your pocket can't buy me
And your love, I thought it was for free

In a perfect world baby
I would've found you long ago
But I'm willing and ready
To give you all my love, don't you know
Oh, what I'm feeling, something real
Baby don't you know you're all that I need

It's not what you do
That makes me want you
If you're happy, I am too
Not the people that you're with, cos I'm with you
Baby don't you know love shines through it all, ooh


Feels like I've been in a slumber
Now I've woken
Oh, it feels like I've never said a word
Now I've spoken
Cos baby you set me free



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