Love Comes True Lyrics

Album : Not Ashamed

"18, and I'm outta here."
She had reached her independence day.
Never saw her mother's private tears
or the times her daddy prayed
to God to see her through.

Love comes true...

"21 and I'm so confused,"
getting up her nerve to call collect.
"I do not need help from anyone,
but there's a few little words
I did neglect to say to you..."

Love comes true...
No turning back the clock,
just waiting for a knock.
Lord, if she only knew.

Love comes with patience.
Love lost is found.
32, married, and kids for her own,
she's come around.
She needs them to help her through.

Love comes true...
Love is sending out a light.
Love is gonna make it right.
Love is finally getting through.


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