Time For Letting Go Lyrics

Album : Shot Full Of Love

I've been holding back words and waiting for time
There's a lesson here somewhere I know it's mine
Though I'll remember the promise we made
Promises don't justify feeling this way anymore

It's time for letting go we can't hide what we both know
But ooh the hurtin' grows every time I think it's over

You've been keeping all your secrets inside
I know the truth now baby you don't have to hide
But my mind wanders to the very first day
What a shame things had to turn out this way

Now I know it's time for letting go...

No words could bring back your affection
And no lies could keep me holding on holding on and holding on

Now I know it's time for letting go...

It's time to realize that we're both just living lies
And way down deep inside the time is telilng me it's time for letting go

Let it go I keep telling myself over and over
Let it go but my love's still strong I just can't keep on holding on
I know it's time for letting go time for letting go


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