Missing You Lyrics

Album : Shot Full Of Love

I live for the phone I die for the mail
I took your picture right off the nail
And put it right by my bed so I could see you instead
Of the darkness of night
I hold conversations with you in my mind
They only tighten this knot deep inside
And the aching won't end till I hold you again
If I only survive

Why did you have to go why am I missing you so
One heartbeat at a time I'm going out of my mind
Missing you missing you

I started a letter I stared at your name
There wasn't a line that didn't echo my pain
There was no sound at all
But the slow lonely fall of an unspoken tear

Why did you have to go...

Life may take us in different directions
But I always end up deeper deeper in my true affection

Why did you have to go...
Missing you missing you missing you missing you
(Missing you missing you)
Missing you darling missing you baby missing you missing you


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