Love You Back Lyrics

Album : Southern Rain

All I could see was her cigarette burnin'
She only smokes when she's sad
All I could hear was that engine turnin'
That's when I knew it was bad
She's never made it as far as the car before
She got my attention when she slammed that Chevy door

I best be hittin' my knees beggin' and pleadin'
Choking down some pride before she drops it into drive I can't have that
Best be foldin' my hands for one more chance
Baby don't go let me love you back

Trippin' and stumblin' and barefoot on the gravel
Fightin' my way through the rain
Bang on the window oh but she won't have it
She just keeps lookin' the other way
She wipes away her tears and the steam from the glass
Got her hand on the shifter and her foot on the gas

I best be hittin' my knees...

I hope it's not too late but now I see that all you've ever done
Is put your heart and soul into loving me
And I know it's time I did my part

Down on my knees beggin' and pleadin' put away my pride
Baby give me your hand one more chance don't go don't go
Let me love you back let me love you back


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