Walkin Out The Door Lyrics

Artist : DEER TICK
Album : Divine Providence

Well, I forget when I began
Oh, swimming in the sand
I guess it hit me with a man is just a man

So I tried to get some truth
Outta these clothes that I outgrew
I cut my way to the back of the line, and I found you

But I know you don't see me like before
But you'll never catch me walkin' out that door

And I've been living here for years
But there's a stranger in the mirror
Well, it's a rat race baby, making money off of what we feared

And to the kids who have some words
About my friends or about her
Why don't you step out of the ghetto, say exactly what you learn

'cause we ain't taking their shit anymore
That's why you'll never catch me walkin' out that door

I wanted to be all the things that you adore
I wanted you to see your change
But I ain't them
And I know that
Well, you ain't leaving me behind

Well, I should step up to the plate
Instead of sleep away my days
Dreamin' 'bout a time that's long since gone by

Here I go again
Isolating all my friends
Inviting people to my party, but not letting anyone in

And it doesn't seem like it's worth fighting for
So grab your bullshit, I'm showin' you that door


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