Good Times Lyrics

Album : Cats & Dogs

I spent my life making bad luck in the good time
Thinking back where I was, taking the good things with the bad!
For all i've lost, seen this far. make me realize I have
I wanna live my days in vein, but very far make me smile again
Seems like a natural thing to do
Just remember!

(uh 1,2)
Steady on my mind
Bad luck, good times
For me it happens in the morning when I’m waiting for lights
I start thinking if he wrote my script different
Pictures with the brush lets spray in this missed our existence
Never gone as far to say I wished on a star
But I could say I wished for a car!
Simple traits of us, people think it’s too small
Now I realize the blink of the night, the medicine sink in us all
Sink a swim in the season is fall, then it’s gone to November
But remember that December will call!
Permanent, not as long as some night think
Last week I cleaned up some permanent ink
Oh, I’m on the verge of a break
There’s something new before the sky might fall and earth sinks
I sat down and played the card I’m dealt
Some good, some bad, and still the message was felt
This are good times!


Oh, it was 20/20 vision than before the catch you and closed
The audience was listening
Oh, that’s the purpose of reflecting
The purpose of a wordsmith's pen bleeding ink to my sketches permanent!
Put the madness to the method
Round the same time common dropped the resurrection classic
My shit was still tripping of tabs of bad acid
Dreaming about my own rap, distant plastic
Selling demos back then became a lonely trill
Always got denied by the homie with the pony tail
Chalk that one of us was part of the game, right?
Looking back up to the shit, the same, the same time
My momma leaving my pops was around the same time
Neil Diamond sang love on the rocks
Make yourself a good day cause no one will do this besides yourself
Think about those words, each time when you’re about to lose a good time!


You never know, you never know, you never know!
Good times is how I’m living it up
With my glass half full is how I’m veiwing the cup
It went from [?] over, to holding on a four leaf clover
Trying to find lady luck when she is stuck
Seeing birds out form six two
So I keep getting high, trying to lift my view
It’s funny how to pay bills can build the fan base
I love the road, but it using my land and thats damn straight
I make the plan, but at least one to say it
They not quite ike but still drown from my anime
I kept it moving and I plan to stay, until the camera pans away
These are good times, I walk the street with a bye
And everything I did in the name of that hi
Whether I fly or I sold a million
Got boo'd every solitary hand up toward the ceiling
These are good times



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