So Confused Lyrics

Artist : WYATT, KEKE
Album : Who Knew?

Oooh ..aaww lalala ladada..lada da laalaa

[Verse 1:]
Can't get you off of my mind.. I thought somebody new and some time would do..
but still I can't seem to let you go.. now I'm with somebody else and he loves me so..
(Hell give anything..) he'll do anything .. just to let me know I'm his one..
so do I stay where I'm at.. do I try to get back with the one I trully love..

I am so confused..what am I to do..he's in love with me..
I'm in love with you..tell me what am I gonna do ..
I am so confused..what am I to do this is killing me tearing me in two..he loves me but I love you..

[Verse 2:]
I'm caught in a catch 22..don't know what I'm gonna do which ever way I turn I lose..
If its you I'm in love..if its him I feel loved..someone please tell me who do chose..
(they say) love the one that your with..(that's what they say)
If you can't be with the one that you love..well if I love who I'm with..
will I find happiness...searching for what I had yesterday



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