Burn It Down Lyrics

Album : Right Road Now

Better get the matches
Better get some gasoline
I'm tearing up the pictures in our book of memories
And gather 'em up into a pile on the floor
We don't need them anymore

The floor in this house has been soaked through with tears
But that won't matter when the fire starts spreadin here
It won't be long till it all goes up in smoke
Till the sparks grab a hold

Let it all burn
Bring it on down
Watch it all go up in flames
Let give out
Let cave in let it bring down everything
Let it rise up
Till this love is nothing more than ashes on the ground
Ohhhh burn it down

I'm tossin in the laughter and the smiles we knew before
I'm tossin in the secrets that you carried through our door
And throw those nights that you looked me in the eye
And you told me that you loved me in our bed of lies.


You think you know what love can be
Till you find you don't know anything
Just pour out your heart till there's nothing left to say
Then you strike that match and you walk away

Let it rise up till this love is nothing more than ashes on the ground



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