The Twist Lyrics

Artist : COOKE, SAM
Album : Twistin' The Night Away

come on baby, let's try that twist
come on baby, let's try that twist
let me take you by the hand honey
and it goes like this

all you got to do is, go round
everybody's doing it, baby, go round

mother's just sleeping
daddy ain't around
mother's upstairs sleeping
daddy ain't around
we're gonna twist, that's twistin
till we tear the house down

one more time
go round,
oh you're looking good to me
go round
everybody twistin'
don't be ashamed
go round
one more time

you should see my little miss
you should see my little sis
she ain't very old
but she's trying to do that twist
look at her trying to go around
she's going around
everybody's goind around and around

round and round

around and around


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