Satisfied Feelin' Lyrics

Album : Easy

[MG:] Hmm hmm hmm hmm
[BOTH:] People are wonderin' about the change that's come over me
'Cause a smile upon my face is somethin' rare for them to see
But how can I tell someone else what I don't understand myself?
It's like heaven into the sunshine out of the glow, & oh baby
It's just a satisfied feelin', oh yeah, down in my soul

[BOTH:] Imagine something so strong
That keeps the world from doin' you wrong
It gives you power, it gives you drums
& there ain't nothin' you can't overcome
Like a puzzle when the pieces fit
I know that this is it
It's like watchin' a brand new day begin to glow, & oh baby
It's a satisfied feelin' set down in my soul

[BOTH:] & I don't know what it is about you
But I can't stand the thought of ever bein' without you
[MG:] So I'm gonna love you & never let you out of my sight
[TT:] 'Cause the way you make me feel has got to be right

[MG:] Baby, you know it's like a flame burnin' within
& I know people can see it from afar
[TT:] Oh it gives you a special somethin'
That makes you wonder who you are
[BOTH:] If we had words, we could tell it all
The joys big & small
But I'm afraid the love we got can never be told
Oh baby, it's just a satisfied feelin' down in my soul

[exchange ad-libs & fade]


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