Here Comes The Freedom Train Lyrics

Album : My Love Affair With Trains

All aboard America here comes the freedon train
All aboard America here comes the freedon train.

The freedom train is rolling down two hundred years of track
Two hundred years of glory never to turn back
The train is called America your ticket is a dream
That left the torture of freedom for all the world to see
She left the station in Lexington in 1776
And rode to Philadelphia where the liberty bell was fixed
George Washington was the engineer John Adams shovelled coal
And Franklin punched the tickets Tom Jefferson added soul.

All aboard America here comes the freedon train.

She rode to New Orleans the battle of 1812
With old Hickory at the throttle she drove the British out
The freedom train's a fine train the toppest of world it seemed
Her whistle blows for the liberty with a mighty head of steam
Wheels of fortune sweaty Pittsburg rolled across the Mississipp'
From Texas to Misoury to one real exciting trip
Then bang of track was broken smashed by a cannonball
That blew in great divided will the nation stand or fall.

All aboard America here comes the freedon train.

Will Annistage stepped into the cab and the wheels began to roll
Freedom train must never stop Republic never fall
To the bloody fields of Gettysburg the tear show in his eyes
She drove the train with fury the freedom train survive
Again the train rode westward to California shores
To the deserts and prairies even stronger than before
From Atlantic to Pacific she drove the rail with pride
She travelled a track to glory with the good Lord on her side.

All aboard America here comes the freedon train.

There's much more to this story like Wilson and Roosevelt
They left the train to Truman who stoked it mighty well
Then old Dwight D Eisenhower or LBJ we sing
Two brothers known as Kennedy and Martin Luther King
And still the train rolls forward over history's rugged trail
Straightin' by the journey and the land beneath her rail
And you and I roll along and stroke the freedom fire
For we stand to all Americans hold old honor can't be hired.

All aboard America here comes the freedon train...


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