Baby Don't Leave Me Lyrics

Artist : MS KRAZIE
Album : Firme Homegirl Oldies, Vol. 2

No matter how **** up the situations really gotten
See I've always been around to pick you up from where you've fallen
Tu triste y yo mas pues our relationship is a sick one
Enfermos los dos from all the coca that weve sniffed up
En serio u say u love me con toda tu vida
Simon I feel the same your right below la cocaina
Kicking back at the pad all we do is **** & fight
U need me, I need you like a frajo needs a light
Metidos en desmadre todo esta pinche jale
We wanna work things out but then again tambien nos vale
Baby don't u leave me cause I'm a one of a kind
With white smoke en tu cara Let me blow your mind

[Chorus: x2]
Baby don't leave me
I know u don't love me anymore
Baby don't leave me
I can tell by the way u show me to the door

I remember when we used to give a **** now we are a habit
Love don't live here anymore but I don't give a **** about it
We sick and twisted, locos, lovers, enemies and friends
Quick to stab me in the back y te lo algo a ti tambien
Straight demente y tu mi wicked psycho cholo delincuente
Igualita que tu mijo por eso yo no me aguito
Estamos hechos de la misma ya podrida madera
Y no chingaderas por eso es que aguantamos las loqueras
It's the life I live and even though I hate you dearly
Without you I'd be gone to the nada a lot more quickly
So I hold you to my heart & get lost up in the fog
We both **** up in the head But we'll keep calling it love!


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