Higher Learning Lyrics

Album : We Were Born In A Flame
I found myself on the road to Confusion
A dull mind and a weak constitution
I gave a ride to a medicine man
He had a glass eye and white light in his hand

I wanna run through the green green grass
Shine a light on the shadows of the past
I wanna feel like a Siamese twin
Mass appeal with a solitude spin

Oh now oh now he stopped my world turning
Oh now oh now this is a higher learning
Oh and I bet that you don't even think about it
Do you now boy?

When they tell us that we couldn't live without it
Climbed up to the mountain snow,

And in the valley we was laid so low
We will rise like a phoenix from the ashes

Oh now Oh now this is a higher learning
Oh now Oh now my eyes are burning

Come to the light! Come to the light!
Put your mind in the hands of the medicine man
Time is a slippery fish now
Drink deep let your memory slip down
He says were living underground,
We've been asleep in a memory, dreaming
The spell was broken by the sound
The cut is deep but the wound is healing
We will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes
I will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes
He says he speaks to the monsoon rain
Drink deep and you'll feel no pain
I came to on a desolate avenue
My legs were weak but my mind full of fortitude



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