Animus Lyrics

Album : A New Era Of Corruption
Black seed of death hold me in you arms so tight
Black seed of death shower me in you darkest powers

I still can hear your voice whispering
The sweetest lullaby
I can still smell your scent as if you had never left my side

Mother I swear to you
That despicable man shall pay
with is fucking life
I know where he sleeps at night
but I just need yo know, will you still be here?

Psychotic motivation had me going again
and this time it's more than I can handle
He is just within reach
My heart is pounding
and I start to break the sweats of every weakness I harvest inside
My prize has turned in fear, I've never felt so vengeful
I have his head, but his presence I feel inside of me

How can this be?
Mother I have forsaken you
Please forgive me
I am dead inside


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