Crazy Not To Lyrics

Album : Front Row Seats
Girl you know how to set those gears in motion
Where’d you come up with such a crazy notion?
Just up and leave like we ain’t got a care
No way of knowing where we’re going till we get there.

I’d be crazy to let three dances
And one little kiss destroy my chances
Of getting that foreman’s job, that’s been long overdue.
Crazy at the drop of a hat, girl I just met, leave like that
End up who knows where, just me and you
I’d be crazy, crazy, crazy not to.

Those big blue eyes, just keep right on daring me
Things you got me thinkin’ girl, you’re scarin’ me
Hey that sounds cool, don’t even take a map
What in the world am I saying, scratch that.


What about who’s gonna cut the grass
Get the mail, take out the trash,
Walk the dog, feed the fish.
The more I think about that.


I’d be crazy, crazy, crazy not to.
I’d be crazy, crazy not to.
Crazy not to, crazy not to.


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