Yes Lyrics

Album : This Is Me

Why say no, when you can yes?
It's so easy, come on and say yes.
You can change your life,
if you can say yes,
not tomorrow, but today, yes.

[Verse 1:]
Everybody's got them days when they down,
no one to call on, nobody around.
You wanna smile, but you can't smile,
hurt so many times you can't count.

All the tears you've cried,
so now you hold it all inside,
falling apart, can't keep it together;
so many questions,
well, here's the answer...


[Verse 2:]
Voices, voices, so many voices,
choices, choices, so many choices,
everybody is in authority,
magazines and the TV screens.

If you look around, it might seem to be
we livin' in a state of confusion,
don't get caught up, it's all an illusion;
it's just a test so you won't say yes.


(I know, I know)
you can do what you wanna,
say what you wanna, but
(no, no, no, no),
you can't make it out there alone.

(I know it's hard but listen to this song)
over and over, 'til ya get it in your heart,
and you understand you can't,
(can't live, can't breathe),
(can't be without Him),
I'm tryin' to tell ya about Him.



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