Little Too Much Lyrics

Album : Strip Me Away

Sometimes it hits like a car crash, and its too late too reverse
Sometimes you make me a better person, sometimes you bring out the worst

Sometimes we get on like fire
Sometimes we stopping like rain
Just when I think that its over,over
You wave a white flag again

Everybody hurts just a little too much
Everybody hurts but its never enough
Its wonderful to fall
Its love and risk it all
I'd rather love just a little too much

Sometimes we're trapped in a circle
'till we're digging holes in the ground
We try but nothing is working
but still I want you around

Cause if I'm lost in the desert
I know somehow you'll find me
And if i drive in the ocean, you'll be
The first to rescue me

[Chorus x3]

I'd rather love just a little too much


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