I Love This Lyrics

Album : The Pursuit

Every single part of me
Is full of possibilities
My tired eyes are blinking in the glare
If you and I should make out too
We’re drunk and have to both come up for air

Rolled up socks and empty hall
Will a game called football
Only goal I ever really scored
The truth is I can climb a tree
Joked about our history
And Melanie

I love this better than anything
I love this â€" everything falls apart
Can you mend my broken heart
Cause I love this

Where we are survivors roll
The tiny bets we pay a toll
Every single second of the youth
It’s just another secret in
The rusty confused version of the truth

I’ll put it in perspective
If you’re feeling too reflective
Just bones of us from a of why you are
Have you seen the beauty in
The chaos that surrounds you like the stars

[Repeat Chorus]

Truthfully our love is like a dyslexic
Upside down and back and front couldn’t fix it
Of every heart I loved is gonna love a lot of things
Well this time â€" don’t let me down

[Repeat Chorus]


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