Get Wrong Lyrics

Artist : LIL' WYTE
Album : The One And Only

We brought a pound in da club, we don't give a fuck
Unit on my hip, ho, click pour it up
Get wrong if you wanna,
If you wanna get wrong, if you wanna,
If you wanna

[Verse 1:]
Welcome everybody, I hope you're ready to get crunk
I'm dressed for the party and I left the house drunk
Designated driver pocket full of X and I'm fresh
Def hate me if you wanna but I'm gonna be the last one left
Standing here buying shots at the bar,
Got a pound in my lap while you're jumping around in your car
You's a ho and you know we the clique in this bitch
Mess around and get some fractured bones or just a busted lip
It all depends on just how fucking wrong you get
I'm troy aikman, your irvin, better yet emmitt smith
Go long trick, and quit interrupting my vibe
I got a hell of a aim and I'll put this bullet between you eyes


[Verse 2:]
Get wrong mothafucka, I'm 'a show you crunk
You a dumb mothafucka, even before you drunk
You ain't strong mothafucka, weakling you just a punk
Extra chrome mothafucka, chillin' off in my trunk
You'll get done mothafucka, similar to Hiroshima
We got bombs mothafucka, holla if you wanna see 'em
I'm the last mothafucka you def don't wanna cross
Think I'm bad mothafucka, then you should meet my boss
I got money mothafucka, poppin' seals of lean
Cigarillos mothafucka, filled up with green
We gon' get you mothafucka, for violating the code
You the shit mothafucka, then go 'n get wrong



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