Rolling Back The Rivers In Time Lyrics

Album : Out Of Control

I always admitted pity
cause i was getting lonely
Oh oh, I was lonely
a'baby without you.

I always had hid it,
pity needed you to hold me.
Oh boy, you should have known me,
I didn't know how to.

Gone are the days of magic
those times were cool.
I tried to make love not hate.
What was I to do?
Oh, the beats were playing,
we danced all night.
We were kissing
till dark turned to light.

Rolling back the rivers in time.
Can't wait. Got to see his face somewhere.
Holding back the minutes gone by.
Someday, got to see his face oh yeah.

There's a feeling in my soul
that sets my heart alive.
I tell you there's a feeling in my soul
that tells me that you're all mine.

There's an arrow in my heart
just hit at seventeen.
I tell you there's a shadow in my heart
that tells of what could have been.


Doesn't really matter
I felt nothing better at all.
Sending him a letter
I know I won't regret it all.
Doesn't really matter
a miracle could happen for sure.
I'd rather wait for ever
baby never have it at all.

[Chorus (x2)]


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