Big Girls Lyrics

Artist : BOW WOW
Album : New Jack City Part 2

She turned it out (yea)
She she turned it out (uh huh)
She turned it out (all da big girls to da dance floor right)
She she turned it out (now)

Where the big girls at where da big girls (where ya at shawty) [x4]

And what she doin (She turned it out)
And what she doin (She she turned it out) [x2]

Well she look dark skin thang
Shawty thick like Monique
Could bake her ass off look good in a two piece (sexy)
To hell what ya'll think (true)
Long black hair
Thing bout a big girl you could put it anywhere (ha ha)
Shawty is a ten she eye candy (damn)
Winter time's when my big girl come in handy (true)
Dress to impress and she so fly
All da ladies go (ahhh)
Lookin good tonight (ladies)
Got her own car pay ya own bills (okay)
Fresh manicure and she dress to kill (I see you baby)
Knows what i like
Sexes me right (ooh)
Call me enegiser bow we could go all night
I know what I like (yea)
I know what I want (What)
A fine big girl wit a big ol donk (I like it) (get it shawty)
You dont know what you missin
Bow wow da ladies man question listen


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