Who Do You Believe In Lyrics

Album : Made

What uuup!?

This past year was a rough ride, joking aside
A lot of niggas left to do bids, and most done died
My neighborhood is like a ghost town
Would hype some trash
The BGs got the hood hot
With whites and rats
The old folks is mad at us cuz they kids is lost
How you expect for us to teach when all you did was talk
The trickledown theory but this generation of thugs
Aint nothing like my niggas was when was hustling blood
It went from weed to cocaine
Cocaine to drank
Drank to handlebar, heron, x and crank
Smokin dip, plottin homicies, killin theyself
Butt naked waving pistols round the feeling of death
Got mama crying, cuz she know deep down they needin her help
But he's a dead man walking, still she pray for his health
Why did Cory have to die young
I'm losing my friends
Fought the war against Cancer
But he lost in the end

Who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?

Outside I see the cop cars flashin they lights
Raindrops symbolizing God is saving the life
The sun shining so they say the devil beatin his wife
The body bloody underneath the sheet is waitin for Christ
The streets is hungry so I know they watchin
Waitin to strike
But anything you ever got for easy
Came with a price
Its just the chance a niggga took
He was shaking the dice
Committed suicide to get his chain covered in ice
I aint gon lie I did the same thing
I wanted to shine
25 and had a drop Rolls
Top of the line
I came a long way from rockin up
Ounces or dimes
To moving big boys
4 or 5 blocks at a time
And since this rap it wasnt paying bills
I did what I did
Got my money for it
Let these niggas see how I live
Wrong answer
You'd think a motherfucker be proud
To see his homie on his feet instead of talking him down

Who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?

Now if the ghetto ever made a change
It changed for the worse
But I love it so I write in tears
And pray til it hurts
Prick my fingers
Til the blood stains would cover the page
Wipe my eyes and look ahead
And hope to see better days
I turn my TV off
Cuz I don't wanna look at the news
Hard times seeing people crying
Arabs and Jews
Fighting for they religion
Niggas livin like niggas
Mexicans on the border
White boys saying kill em
Politicians playing puppet
Gotta answer me this
Do you believe you really God?
My answer is this
Did you say
Let there be light, give Adam his wife?
Produce the vegetation
Separate the day from the night?

Create the land and the sea and man in your own image
If not, then I want all this bullshit ended
Sending the kids to fight a war that they ain't have to be in
That Saddam shit is dead, let's see you fuck with them Koreans

Who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?


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