Walking In Avalon Lyrics

Album : Red Room
Maybe I remind you of a lover you had
Maybe I'm crazy and I make you laugh
Maybe you thought I had a lot of cash
I don't care what it was
But I love what it does

I really dig that your apartment's a mess
I dig the way the sun shines through your dress
I dig your industrial shoes
You could say I'm kinky I guess
I can't believe my luck
You're such a fabulous, fabulous... mmmm

I'm walking in Avalon
And drunk on everything
A hero in Avalon
A man who would be king

It's cool be both like Bogart and Bacall
It's cool that I like John and you like Paul
Baby it's cool, forever cool
That your spirit is free
And still you've chosen me


Remember those mushrooms down in Mexico
How we found our clothes I'll never know
Baby I hope I've loved you
The way that you have loved me
A toast to Guinevere
But still I'm thrilled with one more beer, baby


We're walking in Avalon
Alive as anything
Two heroes in Avalon
So let the sirens sing

(He's walking, he's walking, he's walking)
Walking in Avalon
(He's walking, he's walking, he's walking)
I'm walking in Avalon, baby
(He's walking, he's walking, he's walking)
(He's walking, he's walking, he's walking)


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