Fear Of The Flame Lyrics

Album : The Long Haul
There’s a time that I recall
When I tried to give it all
And got burned by the flame
That I thought would keep me warm
So I promised myself then
That I’d never care again
And I would not forget that roses have thorns.

Don’t go near the fire it will hurt you, it will burn you
Love and desire only lead to pain.
The heart that gives in becomes ashes in the wind
O but you came along and cured my fear of the flame.

I learned from your love
Just how wrong I was
When you came along
And carried all my fears away
So gentle and tender,
Cinder by cinder
I hardly remember the fool who used to say.


With your love I know
Through your eyes I see
It’s a lonely, lonely heart
Who’d believe.



[CHORUS fading]


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