Burn Down The Trailer Park Lyrics

Album : Southern Rain

I borrowed some money I sold my car
I put an airstream trailer up on blocks
That satellite dish was my first mistake
She started watchin' Oprah Winfrey and Rikki Lake
She cut me down to once a week
At supper time there wasn't nothin' to eat
I was paranoid and scared to death
She came home with Aqua Velva on her breath

Burn down the trailer park
Shoot the pink flamingos out in the yard
I can't live here since you broke my heart
I'm gonna burn down the trailer park

She hired the neighbor's son to cut our grass
She gave him cold ice tea and a piece of pie
My landlord came while I was out of town
Our pipes got fixed and the rent went down
We fell asleep with the late show on
Now it's thee a.m. I wake up and she's gone
I've got a strong suspicion she's at it again
And since I don't know which trailer she's in

I'm gonna burn down the trailer park...


Jenny Jones don't understand Geraldo don't understand
Maury Povich sure don't understand
I've got a can of gas and I'm a dangerous man

I'm gonna burn down the trailer park...


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