The Promise Lyrics

Album : Out Of Control

1, 2, 3, 4
Everything he does, better than anything ordinary
Everyting he wants he gets
Cause everything he gets is kinda necessary
I believe in love
Tell me can anything last forever
Life can live up to love
Got a hand on my heart gonna stay in heaven

[Chorus (x2)]
You're gonna make me, make me love you
Nothing at all, nothing that I do
Promise I made, promise i made
Started to fade, started to fade, Babe

Maybe next time I will take the right on by
I wanna feel you near

Cause I can't play this like, I'm in too well
My letter stamp is down, and i gotta fear
Oh baby right here

Giving up to looking into windows,
Yeah I've enough of wishing I've found you
Baby don't you know
I've had as much as I can take of falling, yeah
Got a lot to learn about riding through

[Chorus (x2)]

Here I am, walking primrose
Wondering when I'm gonna see you again
So here I am, walking primrose
Wondering when I'm gonna see you again

I got my hands all ready to touch your soul
I'm gonna get the energy to wind me close to you
Got my eyes on the prize
Are you watching me baby?

Cause my heart is turning to solid gold
And my head is saying honey too good to be true
Oh one look into your glitter eyes
How else telling me everytime

[Chorus (x2)]

Maybe it's not that hard to know you
Maybe we'll make it up and go
Maybe we'll work things out
Cause there's only one way up and one way down I know

If you wanna convince me start again
If you wanna be with me in my arms

[Chorus (x2)]


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